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Plane body
made of steamed red beech, pearwood or white beech depending on the model, with strong, deep, and pointed inclined toothing, glued-on plane sole in white beech or lignum vitae.

Plane handle and hand
made of steamed red beech or pearwood depending on the model, ergonomically moulded for optimum grip, equally suitable for left and right-handers, let into the plane body, tenoned-in and glued.

ULMIA planes –technical characteristics

Wedge counterbearing rotatable, allowing shavings to pass freely. Shaft firmly anchored in the plan body by thick round metal plates.

Heel buffer made of metal to protect the plane body when resetting the plane iron with hammer blows.

Plane iron
made of grade one tool steel. All plane irons are sharpened ready for use.

Wedge made of white beech, can be detached by lateral pressure without hammer blows.

All planes come with a highly load-resistant surface coating (varnish).

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The perfect way to sharpen plane irons

ULMIA planes –with precision setting

Precision setting using the precision thread permits fast, backlash-free setting of the plane iron / shaving thickness. The heel buffer is no longer required.

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